9-27-19 Website updates and Introduction to this thing...

Hi, My name is Beau Barrett. Together with my Wife Shani, we run this thing called Evolving Creations Lampwork, maybe you know that already... I’m just testing this integrated blog thing as a simple way to have a running dialogue about basic website changes. Musings and ramblings are possible, but I can’t make promises about that sort of thing because life is busy I’ve learned that generally speaking, it’s best to just focus on the work. I have to assume that’s largely why you even came here.

So to cut to it, here's what’s new at the moment;

  • New categories have been added to the shop for Focal Beads and Bead sets. More categories will appear to hold all sorts of new work like Ornaments, Marbles, etc… You can view “All” items and scroll on through, but if you’re looking for something specific please do use the categories to make your browsing experience easier.

  • International shipping options are now available. If your country is not available and you wish to make an order, please just message us through the site or via social media.

The new pairs have been popular so I’ve been working on a variety of designs. More of those will go up soon. More beads from Shani, and more blown boro beads and pendants from myself are also on the agenda. Ornaments and more drinkware are soon to follow. Basically, if you didn’t know, this is our full time gig so we’re obliged to stay busy and make it good.

Thank you for following along and supporting a small family, we’ll do our best to make it worth your while.


New Dancer Pairs. More available soon.

New Dancer Pairs. More available soon.